Who are we?

CONSTRUCCIONS CONTRERAS 1945 is a family business over seventy-five years old.

Alfredo Contreras Herrera started in 1945 and has been run by the family ever since.

The sons, Alfred & Albert Contreras Olià, they continued the father’s work, following his mastery.

The current head of the company is Alfred Contreras Llanas, third generation, accompanied by Joel Escorihuela Millan.

The team

Construccions Contreras 1945 it is made up by its team, with many components trained within the company.

Alfred Contreras Llanas, trained at the Barcelona School of Architecture, specializing in construction.

Joel Escorihuela Millan with studies as an economist and construction technician.

Carles Milà Figueras, technician and construction manager.

Antonia Contreras, secretary.

Places where the Company has worked

The Construccions Contreras 1945 work camp focuses on the Garraf region, although it has worked in other towns in El Penedès.

He has also worked in Barcelona, Baix Llobregat, Vallès, Baix Camp, Anoia and Bages.

Outside Catalonia we have worked in Aragón and Menorca.


The company works with local suppliers, creating synergies to offer the best quality of service.

This interrelation allows to coordinate all the works  and Construccions Contreras 1945 accompanies, directs and controls from the beginning of the work to its completion.

The company consults with the person who hires his services and helps in processing permits, choosing materials, guidance, etc.

Links with the business fabric of the construction field

Construccions Contreras 1945 is one of the founding companies of Cooperativa de Material de Construcció del Garraf (a local supplies acquisition cooperative).

Founding member of the Gremi de Constructors del Garraf (Garraf Builders Guild). Since 2019, Alfred Contreras Llanas is its president.

Member of Gremi de Constructors de Barcelona i Comarques and the Federació Empresarial del Gran Penedès.

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